Welcome to the Internet Technologies Group

Internet Technologies is a research group in the Department of Informatik at HAW Hamburg.

We perform research and development on technologies and applications for a Next Generation Internet, with a particular focus on mobility, security, and knowledge-based systems. Maintaining an applied, evolutionary perspective, we seek for solutions of practical relevance.  Rich experimental environments and strong analytical skills aid us in disclosing the possible. Close collaborations with our partners from industry, research, and standardization bodies sharpen our view to meet the feasible.

Current activities concentrate on:

  • Routing and Security in the Internet, Measurement & Analysis
  • Contributions to Designing a Future Multi-service Internet
  • Architecture and Components for an Open Internet of Things
  • Mobility & Multicast in IPv6 and Networked Multimedia
  • Peer-to-Peer Networking, Overlay & Hybrid Content Distribution
  • Scalable, Distributed Algorithms and Programming Frameworks

INET founded or leads many open source projects of significant impact, most notably RIOT, the friendly operating system for the IoT, the C++ Actor Framework CAF, and the RPKI router extension RTRlib.