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Media Objects in Time - A Time-Directed Multimedia Presentation System for Re-usable Media Objects in the Web that Included a Highly Efficient, Low Complexity Wavelet Video Codec. This Project was done in 1999-2000 and Presented at Cebit 2000.

MobIT Logo

MobIT carefully includes:

  • Time synchronization for general types of media
  • Extensible multimedia object handling
  • Streaming video in wavelet compression
  • Reusability of presentation components
  • Pure JAVA implementations for universal use


Multimedia presentations may contain time-based media such as video, audio or animations. Additionally, any such media object may be linked on a given timeline. MobIT! introduces a new presentation framework that allows for time-dependent linking and user interactions between video and text, audio and images, etc. Thus an automated  display of information from the Internet may accompany appropriate scenes in a running video stream.
To provide superior real-time video streaming, MobIT! includes its own Wavelet Video-player written in JAVA. Based on a highly efficient, low complexity wavelet codec it is capable of dynamical bandwidth scaling. 

Presentation Example:

 MobIT Sample Screens


Project Group:

  • Björn Feustel
  • Thomas C. Schmidt
  • Mark Palkow
  • Hans L. Cycon



  • Björn Feustel, Thomas C. Schmidt, Media Objects in Time -- a multimedia streaming system -- work in progress paper v 1.5, Computer Networks, Vol. 37, No. 6, pp. 729 -- 737, 2001. [html][pdf]

Press Review:

Software orchestrates Web Presentations: article


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