Björn Feustel



Björn Feustel was a member of the INET team until 2000. He completed his Diplom thesis in technical computer science on a very early concept of time-based Web applications -  it was the time of early SMIL trials and pioneering experiments in Web browsers. We named the project Media Objects In Time - MobIT.  At Cebit 2000, he could proudly present world's first video streaming in the browser without plug-in, using a Java applet that processed a highly efficient Wavelet video codec developed in cooperation with the video expert group of Hans Cycon. This ran at an exciting quality and true real-time performance.

Prior to time-directed Internet visualization, Björn created the ProVirtus platform to support virtual collaboration and groupware tasks in the Web. In 1998, this coincided with the emerging Internet hype and since then we have seen numerous attempts by Start-Up people to make an innovative living of corresponding ideas.

Later, at the Hamburg Internet showcase "Kabel New Media", he could closely follow the implosion of that Internet bubble. Björn decided to retreat to the calm and intellectually saturated city of Mannheim and served as a front-ranking expert from there. But Mannheim cannot delight its sons forever.

After ages,  Björn followed the irresistible attraction of a small town in the vicinity of big Berlin and started completely anew: Spraying the spirit, he calls his current project in Potsdam.



Björn Feustel: Ein multimediales, zeitbasiertes Lehr- und Publikationssystem, Diplomarbeit, Technische Informatik, 2000.


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