Thorleif Wiik


Thorleif has moved away from

Thorleif was an early member of the INET team and a most competent student collaborator: We have spent many nights together debugging the weirdest phenomena in Unix machines and in networking. In his diploma thesis, Thorleif developed a management module for Spectrum, which continued to be in operation for many years. His work also served as a technology transfer to regional companies, which we held on board.

After completing his studies, Thorleif joined the Internet showcase Pixelpark (now Digitas Pixelpark) and served there as a technical lead. He soon focused his technical interest also on the young Berlin Internet exchange point BCIX . Later he co-founded the Internet service provider *um (the unbelievable machine company).

Since 2009, the INET group has enjoyed Thorleif as a highly competent and extremely constructive partner in the projects HAMcast and Peeroscope. We prepared X-Check together, but at that time Thorleif already carried the mark of death from his long and painful illness. Thorleif died in summer 2016 - here are my memories at his funeral.