Muhammad Omer Farooq: DiffServ-based Access Control & Multipath Routing

Differentiated Services based Admission Control and Multipath Routing Algorithm
  • What INET Seminar
  • When Feb 23, 2011 from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (CET / UTC100)
  • Where R 580
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The basic DiffServ architecture lacks the admission control mechanism. Injecting excessive Quality of Service (QoS) based traffic into the network can cause congestion at the core of the network. Congestion introduces excessive delay and jitter thus, QoS flows suffer from severe performance degradation. Such degradation in performance of QoS flow is not tolerable therefore, there is a need of QoS architecture that keeps track of bandwidth allocations inside the network and only allows access to those flows whose bandwidth requirements can be fulfilled by the network. Differentiated Services based Admission Control and Routing algorithm combines admission control with route establishment phase. In-order to meet the bandwidth requirements of different flows, Differentiated Services based Admission Control and Routing algorithm constructs label switched paths. Label switched paths help to direct flows on multiple paths even if they are destined to the same network. Label switching not only help to meet QoS specifications of a flow but it also helps to use network resources efficiently by providing a forwarding mechanism that can direct traffic to same network on different paths without using explicit routes. The proposed routing protocol not only constructs QoS based paths from source to the destination but it also performs admission control depending upon committed bandwidth inside the network and it also distribute labels of each flow along the established path.