Tacio dos Santos: IPv6 Inter-Domain Routing

A Comparative Analysis of the IPv6 Inter-Domain Routing in European Countries
  • What INET Seminar
  • When Oct 17, 2012 from 03:15 PM to 04:15 PM (CET / UTC200)
  • Where BT7 Raum 12.60
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Despite the long hesitant deployment, IPv6 has now to withstand a crucial phase: in the Asia Pacific region the IPv4 address space is depleted and we have started to allocate the last address block in Europe. But how ready is IPv6?
To answer this question, several metrics have been proposed so far. However,  little is known about the state of the Inter-Domain Routing, especially taking BGP policies into account.
In this work, we provide new insights about the routing maturity of IPv6. After a comprehensive overview of the current state of the art, we present new methods to evaluating deployment. We use a nation-centric approach focusing on European countries. Using rank order statistics, we propose a relative  maturity index for IPv6 routing. Our work results in a heat map of the  IPv6  routing maturity in Europe.