Cenk Gündogan: New Kid on the Block (Christmas Lecture)

New Kid on the Block: Content Object Security for a Data-centric Web of Things

Transport layer security (TLS) is the odds-on favorite approach to provide a secured communication between endpoints in the Internet. The datagram variant DTLS appears to be the most natural step for extending the security features of TLS into the emerging Internet of Things (IoT).

Intermittent connectivity in low-power and lossy networks, however, challenges end-to-end transport and degrades protocols such as CoAP or MQTT-SN - also because DTLS adds the overhead of session management. Moreover, IoT gateways often perform protocol translations and terminate protected channels, which calls for and adaptive trust infrastructures. To preserve content security end-to-end via gateways and proxies, the IETF recently developed Object Security for Constrained RESTful Environments (OSCORE), which extends CoAP with content object security features commonly known from Information Centric Networks (ICN).

In this talk, we will illuminate the role of the corresponding paradigmatic change in IoT security and present a perspective outline of a data-centric Web of Things for the foreseeable future.