Advanced Internet and IoT Technologies

Integrated Lecture and Lab - Master of Computer Science

General Information

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  • Playlist for lectures on Youtube
  • Virtual discussion with Teams
  • Virtual lab

Schedule (week-by-week)

KW Topic Recording Paper Background Lab
14 Introduction E2E Principle Warriors of the Net Bosch IoT Challenge
15 IPng: IPv6 and beyond Video RFC1883, RFC8200 IPv6 World Congress '11 Connect to IPv6
16 Internet of Things Video IoT Security 50 Years Internet @UCLA 6LoWPAN & CoAP
17 IoT Routing Video RPL Analysis Analysis of IoT Home Networks
18 Internet Mobility Video Location-independent Network Apple's AWDL


20 Mcast to ICN Video Hybrid ICN ICN'20 Keynote
21 Projects
22 Web of Things Semantic InterOp RESTful Inf-Centric WoT
23 Projects Les KAISTroubles
24 SDN
25 Network Economy
26 Projects

Lab Tasks

Topic Lab Task Further Reference
Connect to IPv6 Assignment 01
6LoWPAN & CoAP Assignment 02